xQcOW Streaming Slots And Gambling – What Does This Mean For Twitch?

A new slot streamer appeared on twitch, and he is no one else than one of the biggest twitch streamers in the world. xQcOW or Félix Lengyel, started streaming on no other casino than Stake. Yes, the casino that started to hyper promotes itself by getting gamers from twitch to start gambling and promote this casino to unlicensed territories and even to under 18 viewers.

xQc stated after one of the slot streams that he considers slots and casino gambling “same as opening Pokemon cards”. While there might still be “gambling” involved in opening Pokemon cards, playing slots and casino games should not be promoted at all to viewers who are easy to manipulate. Opening cards can also be profitable, same as playing slots, but people who buy the cards don’t expect to get the expensive cards and they get the cards which are the value they paid for, compared to slots or casino gambling where players risk the money to get a win or lose the money.

In our opinion xQc and other big streamers such as Trainwreck, entered the slots streaming game for the quick money which they receive from Stake to play on their site and promote it. Stake seems to not give an F about gambling regulations and they give fake money to streamers so they can get more and more exposure on twitch.

The slots category on twitch started to look like a place where fake streamers and Stake make the rules, making it a timebomb before twitch will be fined by gambling commissions or get extra regulated, which will mean that the only ones actually losing will be the legit streamers and the viewers.

There was a lot of backlash after the first slot streams from xQc on multiple sites and forums. People who actually watch slots often are revolted because he is playing on such high bets and on such a controverted casino.

The only thing we fear about is that the Slots category on twitch (and possibly Youtube videos containing gambling) will be removed for good because of the fines and appeals that will start to come after the regulatory commissions will see what is happening there.

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