How Slot Streamers Can Play With Fake Money And Still Seem Legit

The slot streaming community has been in a constant battle against fake slot streamers. Gambling on twitch or youtube, fake slot streamers play on high bet sizes and questionable casinos. There are a lot of articles about fake slot streamers and people are always arguing on forums about who is real or who is fake.

How can a fake streamer seem 100% legit and also play with fake money?

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Showing Transactions Don’t Prove Anything!

Some slot streamers who are talking a lot about fake streamers and say they can prove everything are constantly putting in front the fact that they can show Skrill or Neteller transactions. While this can seem perfect proof for a normal player, for a slot streamer to provide this as “proof” might show that they are actually half-fake or full-fake money streamers.

But how can showing the transactions not be proof that they are legit? Well, first you (as a viewer or normal player) need to understand that under each streamer and casino there is a contract. As long as they don’t show transparency about these contracts and show the actual deals they have with the casino (not the revenue share or how much they earn per affiliation, but the streamer bonus part) you can’t be sure if they are legit or fake.

Showing Skrill or Neteller transactions (deposits or withdrawals) will not prove anything, let us explain why. The contract might stipulate that they will deposit and they will receive the cashouts, but it can also stipulate that after each deposit/withdrawal, the funds will be transferred back to another account.


Example of how fake streamers might look legit but still play with fake money:

  • Streamer deposits 1000€ on Casino using Skrill or Neteller Account 1
  • Casino pays back the 1000€ deposit on Streamer Skrill or Neteller Account 2
  • Streamer gets a cashout from Casino on Skrill or Neteller Account 1
  • Streamer pays back the cashout on Casino Skrill or Neteller Account 2
  • Streamer will never show Skrill/Neteller 2 to viewers and there is 0 trace of it existing by showing Skrill/Neteller 1 to viewers as “proof”

Playing Lower Bets Doesn’t Mean That It Is Real Money!

If this would prove that streamers play with real money, all fake streamers will start playing on 5€ bet size so they would seem “legit”. But playing on 5€ – 10€ can also be done with fake money just for that exact reason.

There are some streamers who are playing all day long on 5€-10€ bet sizes and they are complaining about streamers who play on 50€ bet sizes and stream only a few hours.  At the end of the day, the betting would be the same, but playing on 5€-10€ would be for the majority of viewers proof that the streamer is legit.

Streamers know that by playing with a lower stake they can avoid backlash from viewers regarding the fake-real talk, and they also know that by talking about other fake streamers they manipulate their viewers into believing they are real.

The Casinos They Play On Doesn’t Matter!

There is no law against providing “fake money” to streamers. It doesn’t matter if the casino has all the licenses in the world or it is a casino without a gambling license. Playing on “big casinos” doesn’t mean that the casino and streamer don’t have a fake money fund deal and it doesn’t mean that they only play with real money.

While there is a higher chance to find a fake streamer playing on a questionable casino, the big casino streamers can also get fake money deals from the biggest and most legit casinos.


  1. There is a way around it to show proof and still be a fake streamer.
  2. People should always know that a streamer can and will say anything to keep them as their viewers.
  3. Providing Skrill/Neteller transactions as “proof” is only a manipulation.
  4. Playing low bets does not mean the streamer is legit.
  5. Streamers might play 50-50 (some real, some fake) to compensate losses and have more streaming time.
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